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Work as a Home Agent
Flexible Schedules

The pay of work at home jobs normally ranges from $8 to $30 per hour based on the specific job, your experience and work schedule. You can work days, nights, weekends, or even parts of the day, such as early morning, evening or late evening. Full Time and Part Time Work.

Full Time and Part Time Work

Work from home jobs normally require at least 10 to 20 hours a week to make it worthwhile for the company to train you. Full time jobs are normally for 40 hours a week. If you are seeking a higher income you can work for multiple work from home companies Higher Income.

Higher Income

To determine your real pay add $2,000 to $3,000 a year saved by working from home. This includes lower commuting expenses, auto insurance savings, eating lunch at home, and so on. Home agents with children can save on childcare expenses and combine domestic activities with work. Work from home jobs may also be eligible to deduct from income taxes certain home expenses.

Who Work at Home Jobs are Best Suited For

Our work from home jobs are best suited for a work at home mom or father, new mother, a dual-income family, college student, military spouse, retiree or a person who isn’t mobile. The best candidates for work from home jobs should have a clear speaking voice with good diction and grammar. We Improve Your Chance of Getting Hired.

We Improve Your Chance of Getting Hired

One way to improve your chance of getting hired for work from home jobs is to apply through our Association. Our Job Counselor will submit your application to multiple work from home companies offering work from home jobs to home agents with your qualifications. Legitimate Work From Home Jobs.

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

Your personal Job Counselor will only send your information to companies where you meet their qualification criteria. These work from home companies offer legitimate work from home jobs that pay a guaranteed pay rate. Every interested company will send you information regarding specific home jobs along with a request for additional information, or your application status. You will always know where you stand, which avoids wondering for months whether or not you got the job.

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