Testimonials About Home Agents

Jun 9, 2009

Advantages of Home-Based Call Center Jobs Benefits of Working from Home as Virtual Contact Center Agent


Sulemana Braimah

Virtual call centers are increasing in popularity and are fast replacing conventional on-site customer care centers. As home-based workers, virtual call center agents enjoy the benefit of a convenient commute without having to own a car for daily transportation to and from work and therefore save on expenses on gas or bus tickets, parking fees and buying work clothes. Agents also save money by preparing their own lunch at home instead of having to buy lunch in restaurants at relatively expensive rates.

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September 03, 2010

Work From Home? Get These Tax Write-offs


Liza Porteus Viana

A "home office" is any part of the home considered the “principal place” you conduct business. Here are some home office deductions to consider when filing your taxes: When deducting "home office" expenses, you can take the square footage of your home office divided by the square footage of your entire home. An office computer, office phone, or other business equipment used exclusively for business. Mortgage interest and real estate taxes may be able to be deducted under certain conditions. So can maintenance expenses, utilities and off-the-shelf computer software.

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January / February 2008

Save Money and Help Staff with Telecommuting and Flextime

Connections Magazine

Many call centers are already realizing the significant upside of this model. Organizations that have created an infrastructure for remote agents typically report savings anywhere from 25 to 90 percent on corporate real estate costs alone. There is little doubt the home agent model can increase the talent pool and improve retention. The flexibility of working at home expands the pool of potential agents to include persons previously unavailable due to limited mobility, limited hours of availability, family situations, or geographic location. Thanks to new technologies and services for the contact center, a highly distributed staff can be managed just like personnel down the hall

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House Calls: Truly Successful Home-Agent Case Studies


International Customer Management Institute

"Retention [among our home agents] so far has been 30 percent better than in-house,” says Tim Cook, vice president of North American Operations for Hilton Reservations & Customer Care. "Quality is better. They test better. Attendance is better. And productivity is as good as or better than in-house."

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Jet Blue

"If you call 1-800-JetBlue you're going to get someone in their home. The minute we made that transition their productivity was 25 percent better."

CBS News

By Bootie Cosgrove-Mather - SALT LAKE CITY, Utah

Jan 13, 2004

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Continental Airlines

"Enhances commitment to the environment - improved employee work experience and productivity."

Citrix Systems Inc © 2008

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"After successful pilot program adopting work-at-home model to replace its 400 seat call center."

Greely Tribune

By Sharon Dunn - May 19, 2010

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Hilton Hotels

"600 part time home agents - Retention 30% better than in-house – Quality better – Attendance is better."

ICMI International Customer Management Institute

Mar 06, 2008

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"Productivity boosted - reduced turnover - boosted customer satisfaction - reduced hold times - 75% of calls answered within one minute"

Contact Management’s

July / August 2009 issue.

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"62% of best-in-class centers reported improved customer satisfaction."

"A Home Agent initiative result with decreased facilities costs and more flexible and reliable staffing models."

Aberdeen Study


"25 percent of employees would change companies if the new company offered a telework option - some would even accept a lower wage for no commute."

"Many qualified people who might not entertain contact center work, would gladly don a headset if it meant being able to work from home in their PJs."

"Happier, more effective and efficient agents result in happier, more loyal customers."

International Telework Association and Council Study